About Us

"TeenRescue helped save the life of my child and gave great direction in helping my child get on the right track."


TeenRescue is a non-profit organization that exists to bring the runaway home and equip families to get their child on the right track. With many years of experience in rescuing teens from addiction, our founder decided that it would be his mission to start a ministry that would rescue teens who have run away from home and help them find the right path. TeenRescue provides this service free of charge to families of teenagers 12-17 years old. The goal of TeenRescue is to bring the child home before the teens cause permanent damage to their lives, preventing the scars of unwanted pregnancy, drug and alcohol use, and many other life altering decisions made by runaways.

John Elleson


Each year, hundreds of thousands of American families suffer the anguish of having a child run away from home. Many of these children become the victims of physical, sexual, and substance abuse. Since 1985, TeenRescue and its founder, John Elleson, have helped reunite hundreds of these children with their families, and establish recovery plans to ensure their children get on the right track. I’m grateful for this ministry, and am happy to commend their service to families broken by a runaway child. – Dr. Jack Smart | President, Teen Challenge USA

I appreciate the hard work and effort put forth by you and your staff. – Benjamin Cayetano | Former Governor of Hawaii

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