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"TeenRescue helped save the life of my child and gave great direction in helping my child get on the right track."

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1Initiate the rescue by clicking “Get Started” and filling out our fast and confidential online form.

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Gather Information

2We will contact you regarding the rescue to gather information about your child. Then we will use our experience and local connections to develop the best rescue plan for your child.

Rescue Child

3After the plan is agreed upon, we will execute the rescue and keep you informed on the progress. We will quickly and safely bring your child back home where they belong.

Establish Recovery Plan

4Once your child has been rescued, we will help you find the recovery plan that will work best for your family. With many great quality options, we will be sure to get your child on the right track.

Dr. Jack Smart
President, Teen Challenge USA              October 20, 2011

Each year, hundreds of thousands of American families suffer the anguish of having a child run away from home. Many of these children become the victims of physical, sexual, and substance abuse. Since 1985, TeenRescue and its founder, John Elleson, have helped reunite hundreds of these children with their families, and establish recovery plans to ensure their children get on the right track. I’m grateful for this ministry, and am happy to commend their service to families broken by a runaway child.

Brian’s Story

Brian was once a runaway, lost in his own world of confusion. No family is perfect and Brian is proof of that fact. Coming from a great family with a Father that cared and provided for the family and a Mother who was their to take care of Brian’s every need. Like most teenagers Brian was unpredictable. His parents thought they had done everything they could to raise him in the right way, to become a runaway was out of character for their family. Brian’s parents felt angry, worried, and ashamed. They gave TeenRescue a try and found that they weren’t alone. Having a runaway doesn’t mean you have failed at parenting. TeenRescue was able to locate Brian and get him home safely in a matter of days. Now Brian and his family are on a quick road to recovery as they heal and help Brian become the man that he was meant to be.

National Runaway Hotline : 1-800-RUNAWAY